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EV3 Lego Robotics
Design, construct and program interactive,
autonomous robots using EV3 LEGO®
motors, sensors, microprocessors, and
MindStorms® software.
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Coding | Game Design
Children will create their own
engaging and interactive video
games using Scratch, a software
developed by MIT Media Lab.
Share an hour with your preschooler constructing
and creating with LEGO®
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LEGO® WeDo Robotics
Students are introduced to robotics by building and
programming LEGO® projects, using sensors, motors
and LEGO®'s playful WeDo software.

Our Mission

We ignite kids’ desire to explore, solve
problems and learn. We invent, build
and have fun with cool technologies.


Students will design their own video-games using Scratch, a software developed by MIT media lab. They will learn how to think like programmers, use logic, and piece together different codes to make their characters move, jump, and interact with their environments. They will combine the logical skills they learn for programming with their creativity and unleash their imagination by inventing their own characters and backgrounds in a paint editor. As they build and move through such games as our “Adventure”, “Maze” and “Platform” games, they will advance their coding skills and increase the complexity of what they’re working on to more and more realistic games. In this class, students often go from being uncertain about what programming is, to being confident about their ability to come up with their own game and design it in a single class.

Want to see the class in action before signing up for a full session? Call us at (212)245-0444 and we can register you for a $45, one-time trial class!

Screen Shots of Student Work

Little Engineers

Preschool age children are natural scientists, ready to explore and experiment. Our Little Engineers classes engage children’s curiosity and unique interests with a hands-on and playful curriculum. Using specially designed LEGO® DUPLO® (big LEGO®) building …

LEGO® Pre-Robotics

Kindergarten students will have a blast building robots (such as the alligator, turtle, train, and car!) by building Legos around a battery box and motors. In the process of making their constructions move, they will …


Kindergarteners in this class will interact on iPads to design their own video games from Scratch (pun intended!). Using Scratch Jr. coding software, they will learn what a “game” is, what different types of games there …

WeDo LEGO® Robotics

First and second grade students will enjoy using LEGO® WeDo USB hubs, motors and software to build and program a variety of projects. They will master using different LEGO® parts to build robots like the …

After School Wednesdays | Scratch 2.0: Coding & Game Design | Grade 3-6Sept 26
Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Nov 7, 14, 21, 28
Dec 5, 12, 19
*Please note that LEGO Robotics projects cannot be taken home, but the fun and excitement generated will always be with you!
* RoboFun is not sponsored by or affliated with LEGO®