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EV3 Lego Robotics
Design, construct and program interactive,
autonomous robots using EV3 LEGO®
motors, sensors, microprocessors, and
MindStorms® software.
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Coding | Game Design
Children will create their own
engaging and interactive video
games using Scratch, a software
developed by MIT Media Lab.
Share an hour with your preschooler constructing
and creating with LEGO®
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LEGO® WeDo Robotics
Students are introduced to robotics by building and
programming LEGO® projects, using sensors, motors
and LEGO®'s playful WeDo software.

Our Mission

We ignite kids’ desire to explore, solve
problems and learn. We invent, build
and have fun with cool technologies.


“James loves working on Mindstorms projects and [your teachers] really get him and his interests. You are a force for good in the world of families in New York City. I recommend you to everyone I know…and cannot say enough good things about you.”
-Laura, mom of 9 year old James, a longtime RoboFun enthusiast

“Zack and his friends truly had a great time. The party went so smoothly and your staff had everything completely under control which is not easy when dealing with a room full of 6-7 year old boys! One mom has already emailed me telling me that her son has decided he wants a RoboFun birthday party next year :). All of the kids just loved it. Thank you and your staff for engaging the kids so beautifully and making Zack’s celebration such a memorable one for him.”
-Melin, mother of 7 year old Zack

“William was totally flipped! He loved it!”
-Kim, mom of 6 year old William re: Pre-Robotics private lesson

“It was a wonderful party! The instructors were very skilled and well liked. The head instructor was very talented working with kids and knew how to handle them and made the entire atmosphere fun. I wouldn’t change a thing and I would highly recommend birthday parties at RoboFun.”
-Ambre, mom of 7 year old Milo

“I thought the party was terrific. Delilah was so happy and I have had several notes from parents saying how much fun their kids had. I also found the logistics by far the easiest of any party I have thrown, which is due to your efforts. You were very organized and professional. Thanks again and I suspect this was not our last RoboFun party.
-Rachel, mom of 7 year old Delilah

“The kids were so engaged! They made really adorable and individualized robots and had a great time. The teachers were terrific and very hands-on. I thought it might be tough to sustain the kids’ attention for a full two hours but, with only 10 minutes left before parent pickup, we had to take them away from their robots so they wouldn’t miss the birthday cake!”
-Debbie, mom of 7 year old Jake

“We love RoboFun- they make robotics fun and challenging for all levels. We’re looking forward to more school breaks and summer workshops.”
-Linda, mom of 7 year old Felix

“We could not be happier with your program. It perfectly combines our sons’ love of building things with his creativity. It also provides a stress-free environment for him to interact with other children. We will definitely sign him up for next year.”
-Jan, mom of RoboFun Camper David

“We had a terrific time and most important so did Trevor and the other kids. You have a great facility and the switch car project was just right for this age group. Several parents commented positively on the experience and indicated they’d be looking into RoboFun for future parties for their own kids. I’d say it was a home run.”
-Courtney, mom of 5 year old Trevor

“Kevin absolutely loved his party, and his friends had a great time too. It was a perfect party for him, and he definitely would like to do more programs with you, so sign me up for your email list. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his friends show up again too!”
-Jill, mom of 7 year old Kevin

“Everything was great and one child had 3 parties that weekend and voted Robofun the best of the bunch!”
-Jeannette, mom of 7 year old John

“The party was really great. Children were incredibly into it. We really appreciate how special this has been.”
-Maria, mom of 8 year old Aaron

“Jake had a great birthday party! When we got home he said that he wanted to have his party there again next year and do another robot. Your staff was amazing. Please do add me to your email list.”
-Cheri, mom of 8 year old Jake

“The party was terrific. Sam had a great time as did his guests. The staff was wonderful and all the guests had a blast. Do put me on your mailing list. Thank you for all your help.”
-Graciela, mom of 7 year old Sam

*Please note that LEGO Robotics projects cannot be taken home, but the fun and excitement generated will always be with you!
* RoboFun is not sponsored by or affliated with LEGO®