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EV3 Lego Robotics
Design, construct and program interactive,
autonomous robots using EV3 LEGO®
motors, sensors, microprocessors, and
MindStorms® software.
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Coding | Game Design
Children will create their own
engaging and interactive video
games using Scratch, a software
developed by MIT Media Lab.
Share an hour with your preschooler constructing
and creating with LEGO®
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LEGO® WeDo Robotics
Students are introduced to robotics by building and
programming LEGO® projects, using sensors, motors
and LEGO®'s playful WeDo software.

Our Mission

We ignite kids’ desire to explore, solve
problems and learn. We invent, build
and have fun with cool technologies.

roboPartners & Affiliates


MIT Media Lab

Vision Education & Media has contributed to the MIT Media Lab’s documentation of Scratch. For the last two years, Mitchel Resnick, Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group, has given a hands-on demonstration at Vision Education’s Stonington Retreat. Vision staff have gone up to the MIT Media Lab to assist in Scratch and PicoCricket trainings.


NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Vision staff and mentors include a number of ITP students and alumni. Every semester, ITP students intern with Vision Education & Media and assist in after-school programs and professional development trainings.

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University was a partner in the National Science Foundation grant, called SoBRO TEC. Columbia provided student interns to work with Bronx high school students.


Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder has hosted final celebrations and events for Vision’s programs, from our RoboFun programs to our high school video programs. Sony Wonder is a destination of many field trips for our programs. Sony is also a lead sponsor for the Stonington Retreat.


NYC Department of Education

RoboFun currently runs a variety of programs after school, as well as during the academic day, in 30+ schools throughout New York City.


Mommy Poppins

Mommy Poppins is the popular, free website written by local parents who obsessively seek out the coolest, most enriching, off-the-beaten-track things to do with their kids in New York City. Sign up for the Mommy Poppins newsletter, which features the best things to do with your kids each weekend.

*Please note that LEGO Robotics projects cannot be taken home, but the fun and excitement generated will always be with you!
* RoboFun is not sponsored by or affliated with LEGO®